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Lowe Profero
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Prove that mums' fear of food stains stops their kids from learning.
A real life experiment that invites mums for a child development test. The trick is it’s actually mums reactions that are being tested and filmed with our hidden cameras
We were shooting in Argentina for two markets - Latin America and China. The film has received a huge success and many other markets (Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam...) have been adapting it. In case you speak espanol, feel free to watch the original version launched for Argentina here.
Interactive Test
Mums discover what type of mum they are by taking the Messy Learning Test, an interactive piece that tests their tolerance to stains. In this test, a series of videos show different kids getting messier and messier and entice mums to stop when it all gets too much for them.
Here are some of my favourite messy videos
And yup, there were Facebook posts and banners too...
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