Ahoj, I'm Vanessa, freelance art director, graphic designer and illustrator, with 10 year experience working in advertising, branding, digital & graphic design.

I support brands to create, build & develop their businesses on-line and off-line. From social media, banners, newsletters to packaging, FSDUs & print.
I believe in the power of simplicity, in honest communication and that everything is figure-out-able. My intention is to bring a little bit of lighthearted smile into people’s every day lives and empower them to be the change we want to see in the world. 
My personal work is inspired by my passion for holistic living, enthusiasm for self development, curiosity to travel and love of nature. Feel free to check out my brand Bright Lagoon.

If you feel like reading a lil longer story about me - here is one...
When I was 6, my tennis coach gave me a poster and told me it'll help me become a better player. He smiled and said to open it when I got home. I imagined a diagram with lines, dots, arrows and figures. When I unrolled it, a photograph of my favorite player, Pete Sampras, stared back at me. The poster was not about technique. It was about the heart and drive.

The poster is long gone, but the lesson stayed with me - teaching me to take life one match at a time, stay focused, fail, and keep moving with a positive attitude and a smile on my face, no matter which court I enter. 
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